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If you are searching for a women drug treatment program alternative in we can help.

While anecdotal accounts of individuals’ successes and failures in drug treatment and AA meetings make for interesting sessions, such story telling can actually provide those present who are attempting to change their lives excuses for failure. These excuses come into play by way of a whole variety of thought processes. All the excuses emanate from a common source: comparisons. Stories coming from another substance user, unintentionally but inevitably, challenge the still using drug user to rationalize why he is not like the person telling their story. Thus, if the Jude Thaddeus Program® did rely on anecdotal reports like these, (which it does not, it relays on corroborated statistical reports, and self created educationally based neuroplasticity) the substance user could firmly put in place the argument that the Jude Thaddeus Program® may have worked for the person telling the story, but I (the still using substance user) am different, so there is no reason to believe that the program would work for me. 

Based on this information it is reasonable, if not compelling, to conclude that anecdotal information given to substance abusers for the purpose of helping them stop drinking and/or drugging is ineffective and most researchers have since concluded that it is actually harmful.

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