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Drug Treatment - An Ineffective Model

Consider the following taken from CNE Health. "From doctors and patients to drug companies and the media, there are relentless pressures to classify any condition as a disease. Richard Smith, the British Medical Journals editor, wrote: 'Doctors, particularly some specialists, as well as Drug Treatment facilities may welcome the boost to status, influence and income that comes when new territory is defined as medical. International pharmaceutical companies have an apparent interest in medicalising life's problems. Dr. Iona Heath, head of ethics at the Royal College of General Practitioners, warns that there could also be clear downsides: 'Alternative approaches - emphasizing the self-limiting or relatively benign natural history of a problem or the importance of personal coping strategies - are played down or ignored. The disease-mongers gnaw away at our self-confidence. Inappropriate medicalization carries the dangers of unnecessary labeling, poor treatment decisions, economic waste, as well as the costs that result when resources are diverted from treating or preventing more serious disease. At a deeper level, it may help to feed obsessions with health."(CNE Health)

Then there is the DSM IV criterion for diagnosing alcohol abuse. It also does not include physically measurable symptoms. It only requires social and/or legal problems. The DSM IV criterion for diagnosing alcohol dependence requires only one physical symptom that is a result of drinking too much, which is alcohol withdrawal. Following this logic, if a person smokes cigarettes they do not have a problem, but, when they stop smoking and go through nicotine withdrawal, they are then diseased. Yet, most treatment professionals seem oblivious to these blatant contradictions. (Keep in mind that cigarette smoking is not a disease according to DSM IV, although it causes far more health problems than does the use of alcohol and all other drugs combined.)

Sociologist and psychologist have long since been aware of the dangers of medicalising deviant behaviors. Most encourage extreme caution when diagnosing mental illness because of the potential for damage in doing so. People who are labeled usually conform to the standards that the label calls for whether the diagnoses is correct or not. It’s dangerous ground that is commonly tread upon by drug treatment professionals today.

With this said, if you want information on a drug treatment alternative that has a twenty year research history of refuting the disease based mythology, you may want to take a look at the our drug treatment center alternative. There are solutions that are a proven and effective model of overcoming substance use issues as well as other personal problems.

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