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Drug Treatment - Is There A Better Way?

There are an estimated 12,000 treatment centers in the United States and 97 percent of these treatment centers use a modality that contradicts the approaches that responsible research advocates. Most follow the same "one size fits all" approach that has been a detriment to those who actually want to achieve sobriety and change their lives. [Baldwin Research Institute, Inc. 2003 "Treatment Surveyed"] Obviously, the treatment community bases its treatment philosophies on a complete lack of understanding. The promotion of the disease concept and the medicalization of the problem have led to failure demonstrating that the "treatment" offered is not treating the problem. The information promulgated by conventional treatment professionals is not based on research, but based on a paradigmatic opinion. While most professionals genuinely do want to help their clients, the methods they exercise are, for the most part, completely misguided. The disease concept, conventional treatment and twelve step programs do not have research to back up their effectiveness; in fact, the conclusions of sound research organizations demonstrate the damaging effects of the current paradigm, the total lack of benefits the populous would hope for. As a result, successful outcomes are few and far between. On any given day, a half million people are subjected to ineffective treatment programs.

The US government spends tens of billions of dollars in support of treatment programs and certifying agencies, apparently, ignoring valid and repeated independent studies refuting the efficacy of such programs. In fact, many of these same studies have found conventional treatment methods to be detrimental to the very people they are funded to help. It's apparent that those who oversee treatment in the United States, who have the capacity the think critically, are at a loss for what to do. The current paradigm claims the out-of-the-box thinker a danger to individuals in need of help. Furthermore, there is the financial aspect of it all. Even though these programs are detrimental, providers of these programs collect billions of dollars in profit every year for failed methodologies, partly, at least, at the expense of individual lives.

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